The 2016 Vic Open is over. Below is a wrap report for anyone who may be interested.

The following is the Tournament Directors report for the 2016 Victorian Open Disc Golf Championships.

It has been written after consultation with the Tournament Organizing Committee (TOC)


The Vic Open TOC started planning for the event in November of 2015. This was approx. 5 months ahead of the tournament start date. The vision was to host a quality tournament based on their idea of what tournaments should be if time and finances permit. The key elements for a quality tournament in the view of the TOC were:

  • A championship course that was fresh and challenging to suit all playing styles and divisions
  • 3-day format with 1 round per day so that the players could enjoy the championship course and still have time for social activities after the round. The 3 day format would also allow for two rounds per day if required due to registrations over 72 players.
  • Generous Open payout to attract the best players. This was based on a payout according to PDGA guidelines for a 40% field payout. The thought was that the lowest payment should be at least equal to the Open rego fee and then work up from there.
  • Great player’s pack with quality products other unique things.
  • Sufficient funding through sponsorship and fund raisers including a sponsorship drive offering varying levels of sponsorship with corresponding levels of sponsor benefits.
  • Promotion and growing the awareness of the sport far and wide through the use of advertising, local and social media and word of mouth.
  • A great theme and graphics
  • Unique trophies and great prizes
  • Quality food and plenty of it.
  • Provision for local accommodation by way of a Tournament Hotel and a house near the course to accommodate the setup crew and course equipment.


I won’t go into a lot of detail on each item but we believe that we delivered on all of the elements above. Below is a general report coving some of the items and a list of what we believe went well along with things that could be improved on. It has been taken from a larger report sent to the MDGC board.

The tournament ended up making a small amount of profit for the club the focus has always been on delivering a quality tournament and not necessarily fund raising.

We had a total prize pool of $700 which I believe is a record for the Vic Open. This is something that was important to me. I wanted to pay out 40% of the Open field and make sure that the 4th place player received their rego fee back. From there I just followed the PDGA guidelines for the payouts (approx.).

Although we did not make a lot of money on the tournament we were left with some equipment, merchandise and materials that can be used by the club proshop and or future tournament.

One of the aspects of the Vic Open that was unique to this tournament was the Flexi format where players could elect to play a make up round on Saturday afternoon if they for one reason or another could not play on the Friday or Sunday mornings. This option had to be taken up no later than three weeks prior to the tournament start in order prevent it be chosen to take advantage of or avoid any forecast weather conditions. The option was not available to Open players playing the full tournament. The option was offered because early on it was identified that there were a substantial number of players that would not be able to complete the whole tournament without it. The Flexi format worked well and was taken up both ways. There were actually more people (7) who took it because they couldn’t play on Friday than those who could not play on Sunday (5). The three-day format with flexi option meant there was a little bit more work with the setup/breakdown and logistics but overall I am glad that we went that way. One thing that I didn’t consider and that was not pointed out to me until half way through the tournament was that it might have had an effect on the round ratings. It is hard to identify if it did or not but there were some pretty fantastic round ratings with a couple over 1000 so I don’t think that it had a negative effect. I am not sure what the fate of the flexi format is for the future but I think that most people would agree that it worked well for this particular tournament. Please let me know if you have any feedback regarding this.


The secret competition was a tournament bag tag challenge. The tags were handed out in the order that people registered and then the player groups all played for tags in each round. It was not done globally so the top player was not necessarily going to receive the top tag. My hope was that it might stay in the lower divisions. I could not have been happier that the end result is that a very talented junior ended up with the #1 tag. Dennis Ladwig started out with it. Because he did not play on Friday as he chose the flexi format the tag did not come into play until Saturday. Dennis ended up playing in a group with a couple of juniors on Saturday morning and one of them, Dylan Feldman, took the tag. Dylan retained it in his final round which happened to be on Saturday afternoon. Therefore, Dylan ended up with the #1 tag and a very nice trophy.

The other secret item that I put in the player’s packs was a PDGA rule book. My intention was to have pop quizzes which never eventuated. I was just too busy and there were not that many times that everyone was together. It was still a good thing to have in a player’s pack. Every tournament player should have one as a reference.

The highlights of the tournament for me were putting on a quality event thanks to the Vic Open Team. I have listed some of the elements that I am particularly happy with below.

  • Planning
    • We started planning for this even months ahead of the start date. In the end a lot of it became “just in time” but had more to do with trying to leave the cutoffs until the very last moment to accommodate as many players as possible
  • Course design
    • The team designed a championship course that was very challenging and provided a variety to suit all playing styles.
    • The selection of holes for the final nine was fantastic. Again, it had variety and payed some of our signature holes. Finishing on hole 1 was ideal and in this case could have made the difference between 1st and second.
      • The other benefit of the final nine holes was that everyone passed through headquarters halfway through and loaded up on refreshments.
    • The Vic Open Tee markers and quality hole sponsor sign holders helped to make the course look very professional.
  • Graphics and artwork. Many people have commented on how Vic always has the best graphics.
  • Flexi Format as covered above.
  • Bag Tag Challenge
  • Food and refreshments
    • Quality homemade and a variety of fresh store bought food
    • Quaint coffee van with snacks. It was nice that they sold more than just coffee and having the table and chairs available made it that much more appealing.
  • Sponsorship
    • We received a lot of sponsorship and I believe the sponsors did pretty well for their money (As well as can be expected, it is never really a money making venture for them).
      • The major sponsors were acknowledged on Facebook once a week as well as being on the website and in the caddy book
      • The major sponsors were also displayed on a sign provided by Ray White for about a month leading up to the tournament. The sign was initially placed at the busier Victoria St entrance to the park and later moved to the Disc Golf Park entrance.
    • The generosity of the sponsors meant that we were able to be generous to the players. The slogan was “everyone gets a prize” and I think we came pretty close to that. We asked players to dob others in for special prizes and we were able to hand out a few that way.
  • Prizes and trophies.
    • I am happy with the prizes and trophies that we were able to supply.
    • The baskets were certainly not perfect and they were only completed on Saturday afternoon but I think that people were very happy to receive them.
  • Promotion. I was very pleased with the things that we did to promote the tournament.
    • Leader article.
    • Manningham Website
    • I spoke to a few people over the weekend who said that they had heard about the event through one of the streams above and decided to come and check it out.
    • Social Media. I believe that we created a buzz leading up to the event with our posts.
    • Getting the Hon Kevin Andrews to open the tournament. This went very well and if nothing else educated Kevin that dis golf was a “thing” in his electorate.
  • Photos and Videos
    • Thanks to the help of a few people (Carol Heath, Cassie Sweeten and Gail Lynch) there are heaps of photos and videos of the event.
    • The Caddy Cam went down well and there is some interesting footage if you have time to rummage through it.
    • In years to come I sure that Drones will feature in events such as these. In particular it would have been nice to have a hole by hole flyby leading up to the event.
  • Players Packs
    • Great Beer
    • Fantastic Tags
    • PDGA rule book
    • Tees Shirts
    • Crystal Buzzes
    • Snacks
    • Stickers and pencils.
  • Smooth registration and scoring along with some interesting stats presented every day and at the end of the tournament. The stats are not something that I have seen at any other tournaments and was very well received by all.

Lessons Learned. Below is a list of some of the lessons that I learned from this process that I will refer to if directing any future tournaments.

  • Check the calendar before committing to make sure there are no family events on that weekend. In this case it was my anniversary and my daughter’s birthday on the Saturday. This probably would not have changed my mind but I would have let them know before making the decision. Luckily they are very supportive.
  • Get firm commitment from a comprehensive team before committing and then make sure that you delegate. The success of the 2016 Vic Open was due to a few people working very hard. Ideally it would have been the result of a lot of people working together. We got through it all fine but it could have been easier.
  • I would have like to get the scores out a little bit quicker than we did. Even simply photos of the scorepoint on face book after each round would have been good but didn’t always happen.
  • I learned a lot about the process of running and reporting on a tournament through the PDGA website. That was interesting and will certainly be easier next time.
  • More organization for the award ceremony. This is an area that I felt I performed poorly at. I was happy with the opening ceremony but I did prepare better for that. When it came to the awards, I was not prepared enough. I should have had a more comprehensive list of divisions and prizes along with a run sheet. I started the divisions awards when I realized that I had not done the prizes for Bag tag, CTP etc.. I also did not have the prizes there ready for the players. Several of them just had to come see me at the Vic Open Store to pick their prize.  A printer and some additional time at the Vic Open house would have helped me be more organized for the closing.

Some of my most memorable moments of the tournament are listed below.

  • Opening ceremony and the official opening by the Hon Kevin Andrews. He threw the first disc much like they do in baseball in the states.
  • Having Gail Lynch at the tournament and her inspiring speech at the awards ceremony.
  • Addison Heath who is a junior in the Melbourne Club getting his first ace and the only ace for anyone at the tournament on the first hole of the night round. That was awesome.
  • A Junior ending up with the #1 tag of the bag tag challenge.
  • Catching up with some many good friends from around the country and making a few new friends.

All in all, I am very pleased with the outcome and I’m glad that I took on the challenge of my first TDing experience being the 2016 Vic Open.

I invite any feedback from the board whether it be it be positive or constructive criticism.

Best Regards Jeff Brunsting



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Event Info


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The following is an important announcement regarding the format of the 2016 Vic Open.

The Vic Open Tournament Committee scheduled this year’s event over three days. This was done for the following reasons:

  1. First and foremost, we wanted to design a tournament that is relaxed and enjoyable with plenty of time for socialising. We have some fun and creative activities planned for the down time.
  2. The attendance at the tournament has been steadily increasing over the past several years and with the growth of the sport in Australia and the Victorian region in particular it is possible that this year’s event will draw in excess of 72 players. If we get over 72 players it would be difficult to get through three rounds in two days.
  3. Finally, the course is long and challenging and we want to make sure that players can play at their peak performance by playing just one round a day.

We made this decision knowing that it might be a bit of an inconvenience for some players who would have to get additional time off work. To somewhat mitigate this we made the casual round a night event on the Thursday and the start of play for the first tournament round later in the morning on Friday.

Since announcing the dates and times of the tournaments we have received some feedback from players who indicated that they may not be able to get the time off from work to play on the Friday and that this might make the difference whether they attend the tournament or not. Furthermore, it has come to our attention that there are a large number of local players who cannot play on Sunday. For these reasons we have decided to offer what we have named a Flexi-format where we will schedule an additional round on Saturday afternoon for those who cannot make it on Friday or Sunday. The way it will work is as follows:

  • The option will only be available to the amateur divisions. Open players will have to play the 3 Day Format. We are planning to have a generous prize pool to make it worth your while.
  • Saturday morning is a mandatory round for everyone.
  • Players will have to nominate their preference at registration which will close two or three weeks prior to the start of the event. This will help to prevent players from selecting a format based on weather conditions. Any late registrations, if accepted, will have to play the 3 Day format. The selection will be via a drop down box similar to picking a tee shirt size. The options will be:
    • 3 Day Format
    • Friday / Saturday / Saturday
    • Saturday / Saturday / Sunday

We believe that taking the option of playing the makeup round will have more disadvantages then advantages. That will be the price players pay for convenience. We want to urge everyone to enjoy the tournament and play it as it has been designed. In fact, I would encourage you to make it a Disc Golf Holiday Extravaganza (Go on, you know you deserve it)!!! The Melbourne Disc Golf Club League Day is the weekend before the tournament and if we get enough interest and support for setup, we will setup the Vic Open course so that you can get some practice in. That is on Saturday April 16. From there you could travel to Geelong to meet the good people there for a round on Sunday or Monday. Then travel to Philip Island to check out the quaint little course there and watch the Ferry Penguin Parade at night. That will leave enough time to do the Great Ocean Road or check out some of Victoria’s latest courses in the high country. You’ll be back just in time for the Magical, Mystical round of night golf. If you need a base camp for this extended holiday, then the first 5 respondents can stay with me in Chelsea until Thursday when I move to the Vic Open House. I am sure that we could find some accommodation for a few more from other locals. The Monday after the Vic Open is ANZAC day which will give you time to recuperate.

For those of you who want to play the optional round, you must do so with the understanding that there are likely to be disadvantages. There has been a lot of discussion around this format which have highlighted the following.

  1. The course is long and challenging. Playing two rounds in one day will be tiring.
  2. The player’s groups for the tournament will be grouped by random/score/division over the three days. The player group for the Saturday afternoon will be done randomly.
  3. For those not available on Sunday you will not be there for presentation. We will try to get your prizes to you in one way or another.
  4. PDGA rules state that any 1st place tie must be decided by a playoff which would take place on Sunday afternoon. Any players who were not able to participate in the playoff would have to forfeit.
  5. There is a chance that weather conditions may come into play and those playing on Saturday afternoon might have better conditions then they would have but there is an equal chance that the weather on Saturday is worse and there will be two rounds of it.

That is about all. We do not expect the Flexi-Format to take the world by storm and it may never be played again, but, for this tournament, in this region, at this point in time, the benefits far outweigh any foreseeable downsides. The 2016 Vic Open is going to be another awesome event and I can’t wait to see everyone there.

Very Kind Regards,

Jeff Brunsting

April 21th – 24th – Doncaster

It’s nearly Open!

Check out these great videos and share with your family an friends.


WORLD DISTANCE RECORD with our mate Simon Lizotte




2014 Vic Open – Final Results – Drysdale

Player Division Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total Score Final Nine TOTAL
Neil Roberts MO 58 59 62 179 32 211
Rhys Kruger MO 61 61 60 182 32 214
Josh Smith MO 61 61 61 183 32 215
Tim Marchbank MO 63 60 61 184 31 215
Jarrath Sweetten MO 60 64 61 185    
Jonathan Jonas MO 63 61 61 185    
Patty Robinson MO 66 58 62 186    
Andrew Ferguson MO 64 64 59 187    
Luke Williams MO 62 62 65 189    
Justin Lipscombe MO 63 63 63 189    
Rick Kapalko MO 61 66 64 191    
Richard Sampson MO 61 62 71 194    
Chris Barringer MO 65 63 70 198    
Paul Arden MO 66 68 67 201    
Greg Bowers MO 65 69 70 204    
Gavin Palmer MO 65 76 72 213    
Racim Radjef MO 73 72 70 215    
Drew Muller MO 66 66        
Bruce McNaughton MM 58 61 70 189    
Adrian Richardson MM 65 68 65 198    
Jason Browne MM 69 70 70 209    
Oliver Pauli MM 72 70 70 212    
Jeffery Brunsting MM 74 83 77 234    
Mathew Adams MA 71 62 66 199    
Peter Helyer MA 66 67 69 202    
Steven Mewett MA 67 71 65 203    
Kaspar Carr-Howard MA 71 67 68 206    
Andy Moore MA 72 69 66 207    
Charles Ratcliff MA 69 74 71 214    
Campbell Ferguson MA 69 76 77 222    
Ben Ayres MA 68 82 72 222    
Steve Sullivan MR 72 71 71 214    
Ryan Rosner MR 73 71 76 220    
Nigel Richardson MR 74 75 77 226    
Ethan Lewis MR 79 78 72 229    
Zac Brennan MR 82 80 76 238    
Tarron Anderson MR 80 79 82 241    
Greg Upton MR 85 80 86 251    
Daniel Buckland MR 82 92 88 262    
Luke Feldman MR 70 73        
Brian Holden MR 77 72        
Michael Hatherell MR 81 77        
Brendan Kent MR 81 80        
Hank Terpstra MR 89 90        
Luke Turnball MR 80          
Cassie  Sweetten FO 71 75 71 217    
Sally Hill FO 80 79 81 240    
Candice Roberts FA 113 104 105 322    
Dylan Feldman MJ 80 81        
Noah Terpstra MJ 117 103        

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